Zildjian Sabian Wuhan and Tama cymbals comes with all stands and hardware iron cobra double pedal.
Bb trumpet, in lacquer, with durable nickel-silver tubing in the areas that receive the most wear. Nickel silver against brass tubing in the slides insures smooth operation of the slides because two different metals touching are less likely to stick than two identical metals touching. 0.460 bore helps the young performer develop a full tone even at the early stages of development. Monel pistons...

Taylor 310

Acoustic electric in excellent shape. New 1500-1800 message me here for questions Firm on price. Love the guitar and dont mind keeping it.
Would like to buy a tuba if anyone has one thats not being used
Full size cello in perfect condition. Played only a handful of times.
Electronic keyboard $45 OBO
Maestro soprano sax, leave message


Accent clarinet leave message
Barington Alto Sax, EXCELLENT SHAPE, used 2 years. Has all accessories. $350 OBO
Ltd octave bass guitar


Steinberger 4 string electric bass guitar, leave message.


Peavey signature seriesLeave message
Have an absolutely (new) Crampon Buffet Oboe. This is THE intermediate Oboe, all wood, not the plastic student model. Bought from Matthew's Muziek in Amsterdam as a present to my wife. She never took an interest in it, so lets try to find someone that can enjoy it. You wouldn't be disappointed. Had Oboe appraised and graded at Great Bend earlier in September. Appraiser there told me that it was...


Rogue doubleneck 6/12 string
We have a Gulbransen Equinox 280 Organ for sale. The unit is in excelent condition. Has not been used in 18 years. We will consider any reasonable offer.
This set is like-new. I paid over $400 for it from Johnson Music Center. Although our daughter promised she would play through high school, that didn't happen. It has been used for two years of band, but she normally just used the schools drums and bells and hardly practiced at home. It comes with the complete bell set, music stand, practice drum pad, snare drum(which you can see looks new), bo...


Maestro eight string bass
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